Кругликов Валентин - Kruglikov Valentin

Senior Web Developer

until now
Senior Frontend Developer - Cloud Mail.Ru
react, redux, saga, ts

until now
Creator and developer - HolyTrips
react, redux, php, node, react ssr

Senior Frontend Developer - VK Pay
Now I'm working on fintech on the VK platform.
ts, react, redux

Senior Frontend Developer - HeadHunter Group
react, redux, jest, a little python, a little XSLT

Articles about the work in which I took part:
Frontend Enginer - Infotech Group (Skolkovo resident)
The company is developing applications for large russian state-owned enterprises.
My role in the company Frontend Engineer "Security" team.

Articles about the work in which I took part:

Technical stack and main responsibilities:
react, redux, reselect, normalizr, lodash, recompose, webpack, Flow types, css modules, eslint and more js tools

- Support and build big react SPA app, on the basis of which were created other apps
- Mentoring junior developers
Full Stack Web Developer - Maxima
Basic company direction it internet betting at sport on the website in the mobile application and terminals

My role in the company Web Full Stack Web Developer
Technical Stack and Responsibilities:

PHP5-7, JS , React JS
- Cordova compile multi platform apps
- Build PHP MVC apps with composer package manager ecosystem
- Used Elasticsearch, Kibana, Mysql, Memcache and more as data storage and research
- Participation in the migration from php 5.6 to php 7.1
- Search and fix bugs in the real time at production
- Support and build mobile web ecosystem
- Support and build web API service for mobile apps
- Integration with external APIs
Web Developer - Weblancer
php, js and more web tools